Tyre & Auto, we emphasize the importance of staying current on your brake services to ensure you’re not at risk of a potential car accident. Your brakes are a vital component of your vehicle’s operation, allowing you to slow down and stop dependably. Over time, every part of your car endures wear and tear from use and exposure to weather and adverse driving conditions. The brakes on your car are no different. Whether your vehicle uses brake drums and shoes, or you have rotors and pads, your brake system requires regular attention. Our auto technicians have served Kwa-Zulu Natal for many years with a variety of car care services. Let us ensure your driving safety with brake inspections, maintenance, repairs, and replacements. We always check your fluids and the condition of your brake system’s components to give you sound advice on the services you require. Fully functional brakes are possibly the most essential component to ensuring your vehicle’s safety. When the driver pushes down on the brake pedal, the vehicle’s brake system uses hydraulics that apply force to each wheel through the use of pressurized fluid, in order to slow it down or bring it to a complete stop.

Be sure to get your brakes checked at regular intervals, typically every time you change or check your tyres.

We supply and fit a whole range of Brake Disc and Pads to suit your requirements and vehicle type like ATE, Ferodo and Safeline




When your brakes need servicing, they produce a variety of indicative signs, such as a squealing sound or a shaky steering wheel. It’s crucial to keep your brakes in working order to prevent issues with slowing down or stopping your vehicle. When you notice signs of a brake problem, don’t hesitate to call us for prompt automotive service. We will inspect your brake system and determine whether the issue is with your brake fluid or line, or if you need to replace your brake pads. Whatever the problem may be, our technicians are highly trained and have ample experience performing brake repairs and service on various makes and models of vehicles. To help you stay aware of potential brake issues, we’ve provided a list of clear signs that your brakes need service:

  • Your dashboard brake warning light comes on

  • You hear unusual noises or feel vibrations when you apply the brakes

  • Your steering wheel is shaking

  • The brakes grind, squeak, or squeal whenever you use them

  • The car pulls to the left or right when you brake

  • The brake pedal presses closer to the floor than usual or feels spongy

  • Your vehicle needs a longer distance to stop than it did before

  • The brake pedal responds slowly or requires excess pressure

  • Your car wobbles or pulsates whenever it’s traveling at highway speed

  • You’re approaching or you’ve surpassed the recommended number of miles between brake fluid exchanges

  • You hear a distinct squealing noise whenever you brake that gets louder over time (brake pads have a metal component built onto them that squeals to alert you the brakes need service)