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Xpress Service & Major Service

TYRE & AUTO is not only the best in the tyre industry, we are RMI Approved Workshop and car service center which provides all the services and operations you need for your vehicle. It is very practical and time-saving when your car is already in the garage to combine your tyre replacement with some other car service operations. Our experienced technicians are thorough and are able to detect potential hazards for your vehicle safety.

TYRE & AUTO services includes

Exhaust Services

As a car service center, our expert technicians can perform muffler repair, replace O2 sensors, and take care of any other exhaust systems services your car may need. We offer all the possible options of exhaust service, focusing on the highest performance and the longest lifetime, but also on value-oriented mufflers and exhaust systems. Do not hesitate to stop by your nearest Tyre & Auto center in order to have an exhaust inspection done on your car, and you will experience the expertise of our technicians.

Brake Services

The braking system is a key element of your safety on the road. It will always be recommended to have it inspected by our technicians while any other service is being made on your car. TYRE & AUTO technicians master all the elements of your braking system, whatever the brand or the model of your car. They will be able to repair or replace any braking system, after having identified the cause of the problem and provided a quoted diagnosis.


Oil Change Services

Changing the oil and the oil filter of your vehicle regularly is a good way to preserve your engine's motor: trust the expertise of our technicians to take care of it. They will give you some advice on the most adapted oil in order to help you extend the lifetime of your car.


Shock Absorber Replacement and Repair

At TYRE & AUTO, the technicians know how to make a diagnosis and repair any problem related to car suspension and shock absorbers. Do not wait until your car starts rocking when you drive on damaged roads or drift around corners. Come and get your shock absorbers replaced, for more driving comfort and safety!


Car Inspection

We know that the car inspection has to be done according to the national rules, and that it is not a pleasure to have it done on your vehicle! Our technicians will provide you the best service to achieve this inspection and will give you the best advice after it.

And more...!

As tyre and car experts, we will be able to offer you other services. For more information, make an appointment with our experts or visit your nearest Tyre & Auto Centre !